Senator Bob Menendez talks about police reform


Senator Bob Menéndez made his wishes for “real reform” publicly known and outlined the steps Congress must take to reform police departments and follow Camden’s example in New Jersey.

This is all happening, in the context of the murder of the African American George Floyd last month, which caused an extraordinary movement of organizations and people in general that demanded fair policies and the dismantling of any indication of police brutality or abuse of power by the country’s police departments.

The steps that the senator determined were:

Restoring justice to our surveillance system

A change is necessary that will generate a generational transformation and recognize that the deaths of Floy and the other African Americans and American citizens were not in vain and they changed a notorious change for the good of all. It is for this reason that Menéndez joined Senator Cory Booker and Senator Kamala Harris to introduce reforms to the police and criminal justice system, with the Justice in Police Act of 2020: the declaration would ensure accountability and transparency of the processes. police

A model for building a new surveillance culture, in Camden, NJ

Camden County, New Jersey is an example for the entire country in pursuit of criminal justice and surveillance system reforms. A prime example is former Camden Police Chief Scott Thomson briefed NPR’s Mary Louise Kelly on how, in 2013, with the City in a public security crisis, its leaders took bold action: They pressed the reset button. They dissolved their police force and started again.

Fight to protect New Jersey workers

New Jersey has been very cautious with its reopening. COVID-19 cases are increasing and they are intelligently and securely opening their businesses partially with security and prevention measures, betting on telework for those who are possible.
For this reason, Senator Menéndez has pressure problems on the Secretary of Labor of the United States, Scalia, why more to protect both those who return to work and others whose unemployment may persist. Likewise, expanding the unemployment benefit to $ 600 dollars per week, due to an increase in unemployment in August.


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