The team called Apollo, advanced to the state finals to be held on December 7, also in Shelton.

A statewide victory would mean a Golden Ticket for Roton Middle School, to compete in the robotics world cup next spring.

Alexandria Adam, Luca Bast, James Bickle, María Cecilia Rivera, Stella Sweitzer, Ryan Turnbull and Kalina Zapert are the members of the Apollo team, in which all its members are 12-year-old children.

Since January Roton Middle School has taught a class called Introduction to Engineering and Computer Programming, which has been taught by coach and team mentor Stephen Kim, supported by Professor Jennifer Howard-Baker, to encourage Children in these subjects.

“These children have shown a level of commitment, determination and perseverance little seen in children of their ages. Both they, their coach and their teacher have sacrificed family time, their mornings, their afternoons and their weekends, but all those sacrifices were reflected in the result. Now more than ever, the team will strive to improve, change, repair and practice before December 7, ”the school said through a press release.


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